Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke in 2017

Cigarette smoke is the enemy of a PleasantRoom. If you are on this page, you are probably looking for a way to purify your room or home from cigarette smoke. In this buying guide, we will briefly describe what to look for in an air purifier to clear a room of a cigarette smoke, and what our top recommendations in 2017 are.

Finding the Right Air Purifier to Remove Smoke

Cigarette Smoke 2017

The first step to clearing a room or home of cigarette smoke is to stop the source. In case you have been living under a rock for the last 40 or 50 years and you haven't heard - smoking is bad for you. And if there is someone in your home who is suffering from allergies or asthma, the second hand smoke inhalation can be causing asthma attacks and allergic reactions that can cause serious discomfort and health issues.

Hopefully, you are finding yourself in a home with cigarette smoke because the previous owner was the culprit, and all smoking in the home has stopped.

If you or a family member are the smokers, we definitely recommend you to stop smoking. If that seems to be an insurmountable task, at least try to only smoke outside. If you are looking for some resources to help stop smoking, head over to American Lung Association's website for some great information.

So, all smoking inside the house has stopped, correct? Yes? Ok, good - let's move on to what to look for in an air purifier to purifier the air in your room or home.

What Elements of an Air Purifier Remove Smoke

Essentially, you are going to be looking for two elements in an air purifier to help clear out smoke from the air of your home. HEPA filters and activated carbon.

HEPA Filters

A HEPA filter, or High Efficiency Particle Arrestance filter, is a filter that meets certain standards set forth by the United States Department of Energy. HEPA filters are required to remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles of a certain size - smoke particles included.

Essentially, as the air passes through the purifier, the smoke particles that otherwise would be inhaled into the lungs of the people in the room will be caught in the filter and stay trapped there. Once all the air is filtered through the machine, the smoke particles will be trapped in the filter and no longer floating about in your room.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, which is sometimes referred to as activated charcoal, is a material with lots of tiny pores that are able to absorb chemicals and smells in the air. In the case of removing cigarette smoke, the activated carbon is able to assist the HEPA filter by absorbing the smell of the cigarette smoke after the filter has absorbed the airborne particles.

Definitely check out our other guide on buying air purifiers for more information on HEPA and activated Carbon.

The Best Air Purifiers for Smoke in 2017

So now that we have an understanding of what to look for in an air purifier removing smoke, what do we here at recommend. Well, like all things in depends.

Below, we have created a table for our recommended purifiers based on price and square footage. Below the table we have provided some more information behind our choices. Of course, if you'd prefer to evaluate all your options, feel free to head over to view all of our air purifiers here.


Best Air Purifiers for Removing Smoke in 2017

Affordable Price

Premium Price

Rooms 750 Sq. Ft. or Below

Surround Air XJ-3800Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 - $199.00
Austin Air Healthmate Plus Jr. - $418.99

Rooms Bigger than 750 Sq. Ft.

Amaircare 2500 - $499.00 
Austin Air Healthmate HM400 - $538.99


Premium models:

For the best of the best premium models we picked the Austin Air Healthmate Plus Jr. for smaller rooms and the Austin Air Healthmate HM 400 for larger rooms.

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Jr.

The Austin Air Healthmate Plus Jr. contains several premium features, including steel housing (great for folks with chemical sensitivity to plastic), durable build, and a four stage filtration system (including HEPA and activated Carbon).

Click here to go to the Healthmate Plus Jr. product page.

Austin Air Healthmate HM 400

The Austin Air Healthmate HM 400 contains many of the great features of the Plus Jr., but for rooms up to 1500 square feet in size. It is solid steel housing, durable, quite and efficient. It uses the four stage filtration system to help rid your home of the cigarette smoke particles and smell.

Click here to go to the Healthmate HM 400 product page.

Affordable models:

For the affordable models we picked the Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 for smaller rooms, and the Amaircare 2500 for larger rooms.

Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800

The Surround Air Intelli-Pro CJ-3800 has all the necessary features to help you extinguish cigarette smoke in your 600 sq. ft. or smaller room. It is quite and efficient, and contains 7 different technologies to help purify the air in your room.

Click here to go to the Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 product page.

Amaircare 2500

Finally, the Amaircare 2500 is great for rooms up to 1300 sq ft. It has a three stage filtration system, including activated carbon and HEPA, to rid your larger room of smoke at an affordable price.

Click here to go to the Amaircare 2500 product page.

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